Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet [2020-2021]

If you have narrow feet, it’s often a challenge to find the right ski boots. Most narrow ski boots are made for ski racers, but what if you’re just an ordinary skier that want to find a product that actually fits?

This guide is your golden ticket to finding the best ski boots for your narrow feet. First, we’ll go through exactly what you need to look for. Then we’ll look at 5 of our favorite ski boots. These narrow ski boots have been selected after extensive research and are loved by thousands of skiers with narrow feet.

This guide is suited for all skill levels and for all genders. If we recommend a men’s model, we’ll also link the equivalent women’s ski boot model.

Before we start looking at the things you should consider before you get a narrow ski boot, let’s have a sneak peek at our favorite narrow ski boots the 2020-2021 season:

Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet (Men’s)

Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet (Women’s)

How to Choose Ski Boots for Narrow Feet

Most narrow ski boots seem to made for ski racers, with performance as the top priority rather than comfort. But what if you are just a recreational skier with narrow feet. How could you find a good product?

It’s not easy, but with this buying guide and our recommendations, you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for. Before we go through the reasoning behind our recommendations, let’s have a look at what to consider before you make the purchase.

Size and fit

If you are unsure of how to get the right size and fit, have a look over at our main ski boot guide. Over there we cover precisely how to find a ski boot that will fit your feet.


The last is the interior of the boot and is what decides how wide the ski boot is. Some race boots are as narrow as 93mm, but the boots we recommend in this guide have a last between 97mm-102mm. A standard ski boot usually has a last of around 100-106mm. Even if the width of the last is a good indication of how well they will fit narrow feet, the most important factor we look at is the overall fit. We are looking for a snug fit with no extra space or pressure points.


Feet put in narrow ski boots and skis

Most of the best ski boots for narrow feet come in high flex (100+). This means they are very stiff boots better suited for advanced skiers that can handle the stiffness for added response and better turns. Fortunately, there are some ski boots for narrow feet with flex in the 80-90 range, suitable for intermediate skilled skiers.

With adjustable flex, you can change flex depending on the ski conditions, and if you feel the ski boots are too stiff, you can always decrease the flex.


There are some ski boots made for a specific type of skier. A good example is park ski boots. Park ski boots are lightweight and shaped to reduce impact and reduce any injuries you could get from the snow park. If you are a park skier, have a look at the Full Tilt Classic, a narrow ski boot perfect for park skiing. If you are a race skier looking for a tight ski boot, look elsewhere as this article is focused on narrow non-racing boots.

Best Narrow Ski Boots Reviewed

Atomic Hawkx Ultra: Light and playful

Atomic HAWX Ultra 110 S Ski Boot Dark Blue/Red, 25.5

The Atomic Hawk Ultra is the lightest ski boot in Atomic’s Hawk series. It’s a super light ski boot with a playful feel.

It has a narrow fit, with a 98mm last and is best suited for intermediate skiers that want to get more out from their days on the mountain.

It’s easy to step in and out of. It has a bit lower instep than most ski boots, but the big window in the tongue of the ski boot makes it easy to put on.

You can adjust both the flex and the lean of this ski boot. You can adjust the forward lean to 13, 15, and 17 degrees. With a flex of 110, it’s a ski boot best suited for intermediate to advanced skiers.

The liner of the boot is a bit basic, but if you want to heat mold it for a better fit, then it’s easy to do, and it molds really well.

It’s a bit taller than most boots and can take some time to get used to. But once you have gotten used to them, it’s without a doubt one of the best ski boots to get if you have narrow feet.

Super light
Allows you to change flex thanks to the powder shift technology

Can take some time to get used to
Basic liner

Full Tilt Classic: for the Park Skier

Full Tilt Classic Pro Ski Boots Sz 28.5

If you are a park skier with narrow feet, then the Full Tilt Classic is the #1 park ski boot to look for. It’s a classic park boot and one of the best lightweight performance ski boots on the market.

This is a ski boot that is popular on the freestyle skiing world cup. Expert skiers love the customizable fit, the consistent flex, and customizable fit.

The liner in the Full Tilt Classic is the Classic Liner. It’s a liner that is easy to mold to the shape of your foot, and it’s easy to step into the ski boot even if it’s rather narrow with a 99mm last.

It’s a lightweight boot with a weight of less than 2 kilos, so you don’t have to feel that you have a pair of large and bulky ski boots on your feet.

The innovative buckle system ensures there are no pressure points, so it reduces shin-bang when you land jumps in the backseat.

No pressure points
Adjustable fit

Some customers have had issues with broken buckles

Technica Cochise: the All-Mountain Choice

Tecnica Cochise 90 Ski Boot Men's Anthracite 27.5

The Technica Cochise is an all-mountain ski boot for intermediate to advanced skiers with a 99mm last.

These boots are ideal for skiing anywhere on the mountain. No matter if you are a resort or backcountry skier, these boots will provide reliable performance and excellent comfort.

If you are in the backcountry, the hike mode of the Cochise will be of great benefit whenever you are hiking for that next untouched run. With a simple flip of the metal-to-metal connection on the back of the boot, you’ll get a far wider angle of motion.

Technica has designed this ski boot to mirror the shape of your foot. This means the ski boot has the ankle shaped for a firm hold and has ergonomic angles for maximum comfort.

It features a softer section, called quick instep, that makes it easier to step into the boot. If you have the right ski socks, it’s effortless to get in and out of these ski boots for narrow feet.

The liner is fully heat-moldable, so you can get a good fit. For the best result and the most comfort, I would recommend getting a custom footbed instead of the included basic footbed.

Mirror the shape of your foot
Quicj Instep to easily get in and out of the boot
Excellent downhill performance all over the mountain

Basic footbed

Lange RX LV: Low Volume, High Comfort

Lange RX 100 L.V. Ski Boot Men's Black/Red 25.5

The Lange RX LV is a high-performance ski boot made for skiing all over the mountain. The design of the boot reminds a lot of the design of Lange’s racing line of ski boots. It has a 97mm last, and a very tight but comfortable fit. It has the same performance as you find in Lange’s racing ski boots but a bit more forgiveness and more comfortable liner.

With a flex of 100, it’s on the lower side for some advanced skiers, so if you want a really stiff boot, this is probably not the boot for you.

LV stands for low volume, and it provides a fantastic fit for narrow feet. The heel pocket creates a firm grip of the heel. The anatomical toe box makes it more spacious for your toes. They won’t be as squished as in some boots with tighter toe boxes. The instep window is made of a squishy material that will keep the pressure off the top of the foot for better blood flow.

The build quality of the Lange RX LV is excellent. It’s made of premium materials and is a very durable ski boot. The four buckles are made of aluminum, and they are shaped to make it a little bit easier to buckle up and release them.

With a 4 degree of ramp angle and 12 degrees of forward lean, it’s a boot with a very upright stance. You can increase the forward lean to 14 degrees with a spoiler; however, a spoiler is not included.

Excellent build quality
Anatomical toe box

Very upright stance
No included spoiler to increase forward lean

Nordica Speedmachine 100: Best Narrow Resort Ski Boot

Nordica Speedmachine 100 Ski Boots - Men's - 2021

The Nordica Speedmachine has excellent build quality and comes with 100mm last. It’s available in 90, 100, 110, and 120 flex. In this guide, we’ll focus on the Nordica SpeedMachine 100. The Nordica SpeedMachine is suited for intermediate skiers that are looking for the best ski boots for narrow feet that is ideal for resort skiing.

The design of the Nordica SpeedMachne is based on Nordica’s Tri-Force Design. It consists of a durable outer layer, a softer layer, and a softer plastic. This design helps reduce weight and make stepping in and out of the boot easier. If you feel any pressure points, it’s possible to adjust both the shell and liner with Nordica’s infrared tool.

The liner is the Nordica Precision Fit Primaloft liner. It’s a liner that will give you plenty of warmth with the Primaloft insulation. It’s fully heat-moldable, so it’s easy to shape it to fit the contours of your feet.

One of the things that make the Nordica Speedmachine stand out is the good fit right out of the box. It has a nice shape that doesn’t feel restricted and a nice heel pocket that makes the foot stay in place.

It’s a durable ski boot, and in the rare case the lowest buckle breaks, it’s easy to replace it. The 35mm power strap and the 3 top buckles have fixed rivets. This means it can be hard to replace the buckles and the top strap.

With a 100mm last, it’s not the most narrow boot you can get. So if you have really narrow feet, it’s probably too wide, but if you have slightly narrower feet than average, it’s still a good option to consider.

Fit right out of the box
Nice pre-shaped countours around the ankle

Not the most narrow ski boot
Hard to replace top strap

Salmon S/Max 100: A Good Narrow Ski Boot for Intermediate Skiers

Salomon S/Max 100 Ski Boots Mens Sz 9/9.5 (27/27.5) Black/Red/White

Hallmarked for their comfort, warmth, and durability, the Salmon S/Max 100 are top-of-the-line ski boots. In addition to fitting comfortably, they’re also easy to put on. Unlike most ski boots, the sturdy sole on these boots allows for effortless movement.

While walking in the snow, I appreciated how flexible the boots were. However, flexing your foot will cause the boots to lose their precision. If you have a robust build, these likely wouldn’t be the boots for you. If simple, feature-rich ski boots are what you’re after, these fit the bill.

Fortunately, the collar is flexible, so you don’t have to worry about your ankles losing their mobility. Even better, you’ll never have aches or pains in your tibia.

I was fond of the buckles and straps, which made up for some minor visual imperfections. Not only did the straps look nice, but they also made it easier to slide the boots on.

Ideal for intermediate skiers, the Salmon S/Max 100 boots are too advanced for beginners, too ordinary for experts, and just right for experienced skiers.

Easy to put on
Comfortable to walk in
True to size

Unable to hold their shape
Minor design flaws


Choosing the best ski boots for narrow feet is not only about finding a ski boot with the right last and the right fit. It’s also about finding a ski boot that suits the way you like to ski. Consider the flex and the strengths of the ski boots so you can find a ski boot that allows you to ski the way you like with a firm fit without any pressure points.

The ski boots above are all good options if you have narrow feet. No matter what ski boot you choose, hopefully, this guide has given you the knowledge to find the right ski boot that fits your feet.

See you on the mountain!