Best Cameras for Skiing [2019-2020 Ski Season]

The best way to record some awesome footage of your next skiing trip is with an action camera. But finding the best camera for skiing is not easy.

With a market filled with everything from cheap Chinese knock-offs to expensive high-end professional camera gear, it can be hard to know what to choose.

Luckily we made it much easier for you. In this guide I’ll show you exactly what to look for in a camera for skiing, and then I’ll give a short mini-reviews of the cameras you should get, no matter if you are searching for a high-end camera that can record in 4K, a cheap camera that just works or the next big thing in video.

But if you are in a rush and want to know what the best cameras for skiing are right NOW, have a look below:

How to Pick the Best Action Camera Winter 2019

If you follow this guide, you’ll save money and get a better camera. To find the best action camera for skiing, you need to consider these things:

Make sure it will work in snow

action camera in the snow

The first very basic step is to make sure the action camera your buying is weatherproof. You don’t want to drop it by accident in the snow and destroy it.

Most action cameras today are waterproof, the big change is how they are waterproof:

Old action cameras are often made waterproof by a case. These days, you don’t even need a case, many cameras work fine without a case in the snow. If you can skip the case, you’ll often produce better-looking footage without image distortion by the glass or annoying fog or condensation.

Pick the right resolution

The standard resolution in action cameras is 1080p. If you want to save memory, you can film in lower resolution, for example in 720p, and if your action camera supports it, you can film in higher resolution for example in 4K. But is it 4K worth it?

If you go for an action camera that can record in 4K, you’ll have to pay more, and for most people, it’s often not worth it since screens that support 4K footage is still quite rare.

Will it record in 60 fps?

If you want to have a silky smooth viewing experience you want to look for an action camera that can record in 60 frames per seconds. Unless you go for the cheapest action camera possible, it shouldn’t be an issue but if you go for a budget action camera make sure to check if it supports shooting in 60 fps.

Where can you mount it?

gopro mounted on ski tip

To get the best possible shots, you’ll need the right camera mount. If you use the wrong mount, an otherwise cool shot might be shaky or boring. That’s why it’s important that the camera you pick has camera mounts to produce the kind of footage you are looking for.

Another thing to consider is if you want to have image stabilization. Many higher-end cameras for skiing offer image stabilization while cheaper cameras often don’t. If you go for image stabilization, remember that it will often require you to film at lower frame rates and in some cases you might lose some width of the video.


For effects like slow motion or time lapses, the included software can be really helpful, so if you want to do some advanced editing of your footage get a camera with a good included editing software for the ease of use.

Besucae if you got the right camera and the right software, you can get results like these:

Does it have a good camera for still images?

A good action camera is not only for shooting video, but it should also be able to snap some good quality pictures.

How long will the battery last?

One of the most annoying things that can happen with an action camera is that after just a few runs all the battery is suddenly gone. Another thing to consider is that some action cameras have far worse battery life when it’s freezing. I have personally been skiing with my old action camera on some really cold days, and I could only film my friend on a few jumps before the camera was dead.

Saving money on your action camera for skiing

For most skiers, you won’t need all the latest features. If you want to film some runs for fun, you won’t need 4K resolution, image stabilization or voice commands. That’s why checking older models can save you lots of money.

Another good way to save money on your action camera purchase is to buy a bundle. Getting the camera, the mounts and the SD cards will often be a lot cheaper in a bundle compared to purchasing each thing one by one.

Best Action Cameras for Skiing:

Take Ski Clips to The Next Level – Go Pro Hero 8

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization

Go Pro, the leader in action cameras, has started shipping their latest camera, the GoPro Hero 8 for preorders.

It can record in 4K resolution at 60 fps. It has a 12MP camera with improved HDR for even better image quality.

Other new features to look out for is the new HyperSmooth 2.0 image stabilization. It will help smooth out any bumpy videos you shoot while skiing. It will reduce wind noise, and if you want to take your ski clips to the next level, you can add so-called media mods to get better sound quality and even better images.

It’s 14% lighter than the Hero 7 Black and has a new streamlined design. The new design makes it easier to put in your pocket, more straightforward to swap batteries and has better impact resistance.

It has just started shipping for preorders, so we can’t yet tell you much what customer like and dislike about it. Once more people have started reporting in their thought on this camera, we’ll let you know right here.

The All-around Choice – Go Pro Hero 6

GoPro HERO6 Black - Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos

Go Pro was the brand that made action cameras what it is today. The GoPro Hero 6 has some cool features you’ll see in the latest modern action cameras such as Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, voice commands and image stabilization.

It’s quite affordable with the impressive specifications you’ll specs you get for the price. It can record in 4K resolution on 60 frames per second, and the camera has 12 megapixels and provide some excellent image quality.

If you don’t need all the fancy new features of the GoPro, there are more affordable options on the market. And if you want something even more professional and high end, there are options for that too. However, if you want the latest in action cameras with a sturdy build and excellent video quality, the GoPro Hero 6 is a good, affordable option.

But it’s not perfect. The image quality in dim lights is a bit lacluster. Another thing that may be annoying is that the camera records in 4K/60 with the HEVC codec. This means the clips can be hard to open in some programs such as Quicktime and has to be converted first. The battery life is also on the lower side. You can record for about an hour, so if you know you will record for long periods of time, get an external battery.

Another big advantage of the HD Hero is all the mounts you can buy to get even better angles when skiing. The go pro is also waterproof without a case, so you get the no image distortion.

When you use the GoPro Hero 6 make sure to use it with the right memory card. For the best performance makes sure to use the only officially supported memory card, Sandisk Extreme.

Excellent video quality
Waterproof without a case
Many mounts for cool angles

Weird 4K video codec
Average sound
Subpar in low light

The Go Pro Alternative: Sony FDRX3000R

Sony FDRX3000R/W 4K HD Recording, Action Cam, Live View Underwater Camcorder, White

The Sony FDRX3000R is a camera very similar to the GoPro Hero 6. Which one to choose will depend on what you prioritize in an action camera.

As you see in the video below by Chris Dallas, the image quality of the two are similar, and you can see for yourself which one you prefer:

The biggest weakness of the Sony FDRX3000R is the bulky waterproof case. When you have it the case, it’s a lot bulkier than the GoPro, and the audio quality is far worse inside the case compared to a camera that doesn’t need a case to be waterproof.

One thing it does better than the Go Pro is the image stabilization. It has optical stabilization compared to the electronic stabilization of the Go Pro.

Another significant advantage of the Sony FDRX3000R is the included remote control. It allows you to see what the camera is seeing, review video footage and control the camera without having to move the actual camera.

If you compare the battery life, the Go Pro had a battery life of 1 hour and 33 minutes, and the Sony had only a battery life of 1 hour and 12 minutes, so the Go Pro had a 20 minutes longer recording time.

To sum up, the Sony FDRX300R is a good alternative to the Go Pro hero 6. but in most cases, the Sony falls short. But if you want the best image stabilization and control of what you are filming, get the Sony FDRX3000R.

Keeps the video image smooth
Excellent video quality
The remote that makes using it more convenient

Bulky waterproof case
Average battery life
Poor sound when it’s in the case

Best Budget Choice: Apeman Trawo Action Camera

APEMAN Native 4K Action Camera TRAWO with 4K EIS, 20MP Sharp Images, 2'' IPS Screen, WiFi, Longer Battery Life

If you want an affordable action camera for skiing and you don’t care about the most advanced features, the Apeman Trawo might be a good choice.

This budget action camera can record in 4K resolution at 30 fps. It also supports most go pro mounts on the market, so you don’t have to go looking for specialized mounts.

It has a crisp 2-inch IPS display with a good layout. It has a good instruction manual, and it’s straightforward to use. The image quality of the Apeman Trawo is good for the price:

The biggest drawback of the Apeman Trawo is the case. It doesn’t have a traditional skeleton case, so you’ll have to have it in its underwater case when skiing. This means the microphone won’t record much sound when skiing.

It has wi-fi connectivity, and you can use the included YUTOPRo app to post your footage directly to social media. Unfortunately, some users report the app can be buggy.

You get two batteries included batteries in the package, and both can film around 2 hours of footage in 1080p resolution before you need to charge. If you are recording in cold temperatures, expect less battery life. To get the best performance, Apeman recommends a class 10 or higher micro SD card, like the Samsung U3 Micro SD card.

Good video quality for the price
Easy to use
Excellent bang for the buck

Sound quality is poor in the case
App can be buggy
Batteries tend to run hot

Best 360 Camera: Mi Sphere

360 Camera, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Dual-Lens Sphere Action Cam WiFi Waterproof Panoramic Camera 3.5K HD Video Recording 23.88MP Photos with Sony Image Senor and Stabilizer


While the Mi Sphere is still a good option, GoPro will soon release its 360 camera, the GoPro Max 360. It will start shipping on October 24th, and it might be a good idea to wait for some reviews of it before you get a new 360 camera.

If an ordinary action camera is not enough to excite you and you want the latest in tech, then a 360 camera might be what you need. With it, you can record truly immersive clips, perfect for watching with a VR headset.

One of the best 360-degree cameras for skiing on the market is the MI Sphere. It is a waterproof action camera that will allow you to record 360 footage in 3.5K HD @30fps. It has a good battery life (~1.5h) and can handle low light well.

Some users report that the software of the camera can be a bit clunky and can sometimes freeze, and when the software works the user experience is not the best.

The photo quality of the camera is top notch. You can shoot 23-megapixel photos with a resolution of 6921 x 3456.

One thing to be aware of is that for this camera to work optimally you’ll need a blazing fast SD card, like the Sandisk Extreme Pro or a similar SD card with a U3 speed rating.

Can record the most immersive clips
Good battery life
Top-notch image quality for true-to-life 360 images

Clunky software
Need a fast SD card to record on higher settings
360 video is cool, but not for everyone


If you want to have the best action camera for skiing my recommendation would be the Go Pro Hero. It has excellent image quality, image stabilization, voice commands and a nice software if you want to add some cool effects to your skiing clips. If you want to have the best-stabilized images I recommend the Sony FDRX3000R, it’s one of the few action cameras that offers optical image stabilization and doesn’t cost a huge amount of cash.

If you are on a budget I would suggest the Apeman Trawo, it hasn’t any of the new fancy functions such as voice commands or image stabilization. But if you want to record some clips of your next skiing trip and don’t care about top-notch video quality, it will do a fantastic job.

Lastly, if you want to try something new, I would recommend the camera Mi Spere. It’s one of the most affordable 360 cameras on the market, ready to record some truly immersive video in 360 degrees.